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 The existence and development of Ausay PCB are always improved depending on its own competition. Competition doesn’t only relate with products, technology, quality, price and service. Bearing the social accountability also serves as the important factor of the enterprise’s whole competition and the very essential manifestation of the enterprise’s core competition.


  Adhering to the idea of “harmony, innovation, and growth”, Ausay PCB has brought social accountability into the company’s sustainable development strategy, always keeps the balance development between enterprise profits and social profits, between enterprise development and technological progress, and between input and output, vigorously creates harmonious atmosphere between staff and the enterprise, between enterprise, and the enterprise and social economy and environment as well as interested parties. The company has constantly realized technology, products, service and management innovation in all directions, and practically promoted the company’s own healthy growth and balanced development in related fields.

  Ausay PCB  will dare assume the company’s economic and legal duties, conscientiously practice social moral tenets: to vigorously strengthen ecological and environmental protection, strive to develop circular economy, unfold cleaner production; to do all efforts to push forward the building of social accountability system, devote to creating a powerful stage where the staff, shareholders, clients, governments and social parties concerned can jointly take part in and carry out.

  Performing social accountability is the co-existing conjuncture point between the enterprises and the society, and it’s a conscious act. Ausay PCB, through constant exploration and vigorous practice, penetrates performing social accountability through the whole course of production operation and management, strives to the unification and mutual benefit between economic, social and environmental profits, and always pushes the balanced and sustainable development of the business.

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